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Haitian is the largest injection molding machine manufacturer worldwide, in respect to sales volume. In 2017 altogether about 35,000 machines were produced at more than 1,300,000 qm production space and were delivered into over 130 countries. The target of the company is to reach market leadership in terms of sales value. This could be reached through innovation and a consistent increase of the machine standards, as well as the respective positioning in the international markets.

Headquarter for all brands of Haitian Group. Located in Ningbo, China.

Headquarter, Ningbo

Worldwide largest manufacturing hall under one roof. 120,000 qm production space. Located in Ningbo, China.

Haitian Technology

Export Company for customizing and delivery to overseas. Located in Ningbo, China.  400,000 qm production space.

Haitian Huayuan

30,000 qm production space, production capacity 12,000 unit machines per year.

Dagang Haitian

8,000 qm production space.

Haitian Daxie

Located in Guangzhou, 8,000 qm production space.

Haitian Guangzhou

6,000 qm production space.

Haitian Ningxin

4,500 qm for R&D and manufacturing. All-electric machines between 350 and 6,500 kN.

Zhafir Germany

220,000 qm production area for electrical machines between 400 and 8,800 kN.

Zhafir Ningbo

Regional Office in Europe located in Ebermannsdorf, Germany.

Haitian International Germany

Regional Office in South America. Located in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Haitian Huayuan South America

Regional Office for South East Asia. 6,600 qm manufacturing site. Located in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.

Haitian Vietnam

Regional Office for Middle East & South Africa. 2,200 qm manufacturing site. Located in Instanbul, Turkey.

Haitian Turkey

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