Company Culture
Haitian is more than a Business

Mr. Zhang Jingzhang, Chairman of Haitian International Ltd.
Haitian employees at their daily gym
Haitian Park

Haitian is not only a company name. Haitian in the Chinese language and culture, means “sea (hai) and sky (tian)”. Right from the beginning we have incorporated our vision into this concept. For us, water typifies dignity – it stands for the diversity of technological potential. The sky, on the other hand, knows no limitations – it allows every imaginable step forward. Over the last five decades this ideal has always been the motivation for us to invest a great deal of energy and capital into our product improvement. Today Haitian enjoys an excellent image worldwide as a brand name.

The business has succeeded, according to our understanding, only because in the business structure, teamwork has played a decisive role right from the beginning, including active recreation of the daily work schedule. Therefore, joint activities in sport and culture accompany the daily process of creativity of Haitian.

In a large park and in our culture centre we encourage the vitality and motivation of our work colleagues. The management by motivation is the basis of the success. Implementing it, our colleagues identify themselves with the business targets, and they accept and internalize the core values, such as customer-orientation, cost-efficiency, and quality-awareness, and as a result, facilitate our continual growth strategy.

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