Haitian International
Machine Technology to the Point


Haitian International Holdings Limited develops and produces the international machine concept of the 21st century. Our sophisticated product portfolio of injection molding machine construction covers the entire spectrum of the plastics processing industry and meets the most diverse customer demands for the manufacture of mass and high-precision plastic products.

Solutions for the High-End segment

The Zhafir Team in Ebermannsdorf, Germany, is comprised of highly qualified development engineers from a variety of special fields. With this daughter company, Haitian International Holdings Ltd. extended its global growth strategy to a multi-brand model. From now on the subsidiary company, Zhafir, is concentrating on the research and development of all-electric injection molding machines for the precision applications.

This new structure strengthens our position for international competition, because from this time on we are also offering innovative machine concepts with the highest level of technology for high-end users in the premium sector. Furthermore, with these high-precision machines we are extending the competitive advantage for our customers with respect to the highest technological standards and at the same time with highly efficient profitability, as well as with regard to environmentally friendly considerations.


Solutions for the standard segment

After over four decades of fundamental, technological experience in the production of injection molding machines under the brand name of ‘Haitian’, Haitian International Holdings Ltd. reached a new milestone in the company history when it was listed at the stock exchange. The consequently advanced company structure is bringing about the crucial steps for the decisive globalisation of our brand name.

From this time on, Haitian Plastics Machinery has accelerated its core businesses in the Asian and international markets. The main focus of the Haitian brand is on the development and production of standard injection molding machines for the mass production market. In this sector we have created for our customers a crucial competitive advantage through commercial efficiency, reliable machine designs, extreme dependability and comprehensive support.


Requirements of a big market

As a subsidiary of Haitian International Holdings Ltd, Wuxi Haitian Machinery Co., Ltd  with its brand “Tianjian Plastics Machinery” covers the simple applications for the plastic parts and focuses on the development and production of simple and solid hydraulic injection molding machines for the growing buying power and the mass markets in the densely populated areas in China and India.

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